Bishop Dante & Ptr. Cynthia Veluz

Founders & Overseers


Jesus the Heart of the Missions Team was born from the heart of God. God brought together the Team from different churches and denominations serving together as one and destined them to equip the Body of Christ for effective global outreach. 

JHMT through the leadership of Pastor Dante first Conducted the Holy Spirit & His Gifts conference which later was expanded into the Hear & Obey Conference with the Vision to bring revival & equip the Body of Christ for greater kingdom expansion. 

God has brought the team all over the Philippines since 1992 to the present and to 17 other countries including the USA & Canada, some parts of Europe, the Middle East and Asia. 

From this ministry sprang other conferences such as Mission Invasion, Inner Healing & Deliverance to name a few. 

Eventually JHMT instituted modular courses that have trained thousands of church ministers & workers, youth leaders, businessmen and the brethren from all walks of life. 

The courses that JHMT offers are the Prophetic Institute (PI) Level 1 (now with 196 batches and which uses the Hear & Obey book authored by pastor Dante & Cynthia) & coming up soon – PI Level 2. 

To date, January 28, 2021, JHMT has published 4 books written and edited by Pastor Dante and Cynthia, namely Hear and Obey, Signs & Wonders, Lovelife for Married Couples and Lovelife for Singles.

JHMT also currently offers the Apostolic Signs & Wonders Institute, Youth Prophetic & Apostolic Institute (YPAI) , and the Women Empowerment Institute (WEI) , Kings and Priests Institute (KPI) for businessmen, the Marketplace Transformation Institute(MTI), the Ministry & Personality Development Institute (MPDI), the Kids Camp Institute (KCI) and the Davidic Worship Institute (DWI). 

God even led the Team to do The Convergence of these ministries known as JHMT’s Acts 1:8 Convergence in different parts of the country and recently, to keep abreast with the times, the Convergence via zoom platform. 

God also raised up the youth ministry of JHMT called Unashamed Generation which conducts seminars and conferences to fire up the youth of the land to love and serve Him with passion. 

But God did not limit His work to conferences and seminars thru JHMT 

In the late 1990s He instructed the team to conduct Caravan Crusades all over the nation and in some other nations to pull down demonic strongholds thru Redeeming the Land gestures with results of transformation in those places. 

God also established the 24 Hour worship ministry called Celebrate Jesus held annually at Cuneta Astrodome for 7 years which brought together different churches and denominations to worship God non-stop within 24 and even 36 hrs. 

Thereafter God ushered the Team onto Tabernacle of David worship and prayer impacting the different pillars of society. 

God also allowed the Team to touch the tri-media thru tv programs like JLink and JTV for one year and, Lovelife radio program over DZRJ for 3 years. 

He enabled JHMT to also move in the mercy ministries: initially, the Team had a Feeding program for Street people and eventually put up an orphanage for 18 street kids. For the glory of God 2 of them are now pastors. 

Through JHMT’s volunteer doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners, God revealed to the Team to establish the JHMMT and conduct medical missions and clinics in tribal areas, in depressed areas and even amongst churches. 

In 2009, JHMT, through the leading of the Holy Spirit started Operation Kabalikat (OK) to move in the mercy ministries, medical missions and rehabilitation to help calamity victims of typhoons, earthquake, and volcanic eruption. Operation Kabalikat, through the help of the JHMT Network, served the victims of Typhoons Ondoy, Sendong, Yolanda, Rolly & Ulysses, the Marawi Seige soldiers & victims and the Taal Volcano eruption victims. 

Part of God’s plan was also to equip and train the women of God thus The Women on Fire for God was born to encourage and fire up women to move alongside with men in fulfilling their call in discipling nations. 

With God’s burden for the nation as a whole, He established for the Team, the Presidential Intercessors Network ( PIN), from 2004 to the present, to pray for the President, the leaders, as well as the problems that beset our nation. Filipinos here and abroad were tapped to pray daily for the Philippines. 

Another addition to the JHMT Ministries is a singing competition called Christian Voice where God raises up gifted and talented worshipers in the land for His glory. 

Most recently, God would have JHMT reach out to and encourage families, couples and unmarried individuals by counseling through the Lovelife Specials Vlog via YouTube. 

Today after 29 years JHMT continues to fulfill the destiny that God called it for – to reach out to the young and the old, male and female, rich or poor in the country and in every nation God ordains, to serve and glorify Him solely. To Him be the honor and power and glory!

Rev. Arvin Corporal

National Director

I received a word from God in 2018 while I was being installed as National Director at Kamay Kainan, that JHMT will have online gatherings and online classes and conquer the social media for Christ. Honestly, I was not so serious about it. I forgot all about it and anyway, it did not happen that time. Come March of 2020, the pandemic broke out. All our schedules- holding of face to face Conferences were all cancelled. I was a little bit disappointed that time because what we had prepared for the year would not happen anymore. But God gave me an impression that JHMT will never be stopped by the pandemic and will continue to be a blessing to the Body of Christ churches. Then God reminded me of what He told me in 2018 to do the equipping online. I felt that excitement in my heart so I asked God what He wanted me to do. He first gave me a word to hold a 9th hour Prayer where we enjoined churches and families to pray and worship online every three o’ clock in the afternoon. Praise God, many families and small groups participated thru Zoom, messenger video call and FB live. In fact by the grace of God we had done it for 200 days – Hallelujah! God also told me to hold an online 12-hour Non-stop Praise and Worship and was followed by the 24 -hour online Non-Stop Praise and Worship which was participated by 24 churches here and abroad. As a result, there were lot of breakthroughs and healings during this Non-stop Praise and Worship! God is so good, He even gave the idea to do the Acts 1:8 Generation Convergence online. So starting July of year 2020, we started conducting the Convergence on quarterly basis, the most recent being in January 2021. In all of these, God gave us success. Over 100 Pastors, leaders and workers from Luzon down to Mindanao and other countries were all the more fired up to serve Him. As part of the Convergence, God also gave me an idea to hold the singing competition called, The Christian Voice via social media. Praise God, we finished the second edition on January 28, 2021! God did not stop giving me instructions. He spoke to me about Couples and Gen Z Millenials Power Week online. Glory to God, for these two events were very successful. Thousands of viewers were blessed by them.  There are more exciting and life-changing gatherings this 2021… We will be launching the JLINK online, Lord willing, before this 2nd quarter ends. We will also have our 2nd 24-hr Non-Stop Praise and Worship online dubbed as Celebrate Jesus, on April 2-3, 2021. Meanwhile, the online convergences and The Christian Voice will continue in April, July and October this year. The exciting Christian Voice Grand finals will be held at the latter part of 2021. Indeed, JHMT is unstoppable in empowering and equipping the churches for the advancement of His Kingdom despite this pandemic!

To God be all the glory!